"Oba Oba comes
right at you!

The most exuberant and outgoing
people in the world, and one
of the most innately stylish.

The show is a joy.

Most people dream of going to
heaven when they die.
Me, I'll take Brazil!"

Lawrence Christon
Los Angeles Times, 1988

"A spectacle of sight and sound, Oba Oba is back to enchant Los Angeles audiences with its magical, mystical, musical celebration.
Oba Oba has to be seen to be believed.
And what a sight to behold!"

Elias Stimac,
Drama-Logue, 1992

"The beat and the buns are as
spectacular as ever

The show's energy and vitality, its unabashed sensuality
and colordrenched staging are something to behold.
And so is the dancing."

Jay Reiner, Hollywood Reporter, 1992